Cryogenic Energy Storage for Renewable Refrigeration and Power Supply


Food Storage & Distribution Federation joins Advisory Board

7 Feb 2017

FSDF is the UK trade association for the food and drink logistics sector

UK Energy - Analysis and Vision

20 Dec 2016

Director General of Energy Transformation at the UK Government BEIS Department to present the new vision of UK energy.

Cryogenic energy storage news

16 Dec 2016

Worlds largest cryogenic energy storage plant to be commissioned in Manchester, UK

Project team visit new cold store site at Frigologix in Belgium

7 Nov 2016

Read about the CryoHub team visit to a massive food processing and cold store site in October 2016

ICT Footprint project

7 Nov 2016

Metrics, methodologies & best practices in measuring the energy and environmental efficiency

Call for CryoHub Champions

19 Sep 2016

Take part in our on line mapping survey for cold stores and processing plants now - find out more about the survey below:

IOR joins international CryoHub group

4 Sep 2016

The IOR has been invited to join the new international CryoHub group.  The Institute of Refrigeration is the professional body for refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump individuals in the UK.

Cryogenic energy storage for renewable refrigeration and power supply

4 Sep 2016

In an attempt to look at how the food processing and chilling industry use energy in a new way a team of engineers and researchers as part of a CryoHubproject are looking at using energy storage techniques


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No 691761.

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