Cryogenic Energy Storage for Renewable Refrigeration and Power Supply

International Cold Chain Conference

Wednesday 26th August 2020 to Friday 28th August 2020


Find out more about CryoHub technology with our papers and workshop at the next ICCC conference in Nantes France later this year.  This free workshop is open to anyone attending the Sustainabilty and the Cold Chain Conference and will take place immediately before the welcome reception on day 1.

NOTE-this event was scheduled to take place in April but has been postponed until August. 

See the conference organiser website for updates and more details


Draft programme


15.30-15.40 Welcome and opening

Didier Coulomb, Director General, Institute International du Froid/International Institute of Refrigeration


15.40-15.55 Introduction to CryoHub

Judith Evans, CryoHub Project Co-ordinator, London South Bank University, UK


15.55-16.10 Modelling of liquid air energy storage in refrigerated cold storage warehouses

Alan Foster, Research Fellow, London South Bank University, UK


16.10-16.25 Overview of CryoHub thermal storage technologies

Graciela Alvarez, INRAE, France


16.25-16.40  Energy management strategy to make CryoHub concept profitable

Gabriel García Naved or Marionel Estevez Cener, Spain


16.40-16.55 Energy mapping and co-locating of large refrigerated food warehouses with renewable energy resources throughout Europe.

Kostadin Fikiin, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria


16.55-17.10 Overview of energy market supply and demand in France


17.10 -17.30 Final Questions and Close - Judith Evans


About the conference


ICCC is a biennial event supported by the International Institute of Refrigeration, previously held in in Cambridge (UK, 2010), Paris (France, 2013), London (UK, 2014), Auckland (New Zealand, 2016) and Beijing (China, 2018). It is recognized worldwide as a cutting-edge event regarding the cold chain which addresses the ever-increasing demand of knowledge-sharing in sectors like refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps. The conference attracts on average 180 researchers and scientists and brings together all cold chain stakeholders, will expose their lastest developments and key technology trends on food and  pharmaceuticals products throughout the old chain and as well as their other applications


The conference programme will focus on the following topics:

  • Food quality and food safety in the cold chain
  • Refrigeration and health
  • Energy efficiency in the cold chain
  • Storage, transport and logistics
  • Innovation in eco-design of equipment
  • Refrigerants of tomorrow and containment
  • Modelling and prediction tools for optimizing the cold chain
  • Innovative technologies in the cold chain
  • Innovation in domestic, commercial and distribution refrigeration


The CryoHub workshop will be on 15th April and will be free to attend for conference delegates.

More information here For more info:

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No 691761.

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